Bruce Mandel

Have you ever experienced a House Concert?

Have you been thinking about Hosting a House Concert?

Curious, even a little bit, about House Concerts?

     I have put together a .pdf brochure entitled, "What Is a House Concert?".  You can click right here on What is a House Concert? to view and/or save the .pdf so you can have it on hand as a reference or give to someone you think may be interested in hosting a House Concert.  You can also click on the "House Concert Info" destination to the left where you can find this What is a House Concert? link in the first paragraph along with informational House Concert videos, "An Intro To House Concerts", You're Invited To A House Concert!, and "House Concert Basics".

     The .pdf brochure offers information and tips on all you need to know about what a House Concert is and how to Host your very own. 

      I think you will find that hosting a House Concert may be easier than you think and will be a very unique and exciting way to gather friends and family, and to share a little music, food, and good company.  It will be a great way to help make your entertainment dollars go further while creating lasting memories, discovering new music, and making new friends.

     If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at  I hope to hear from you and I look forward to helping you plan your very own House Concert!

It's easy! You just need 20 or so friends willing to come over and listen to your favorite folk singer (that's me, right?) give a concert in the comfy confines of your home.

A House Concert is a live listening experience you will not soon forget.



I Am Eligible for NEST Funding!

What does this mean?  New England States Touring (NEST) provides support to nonprofits for performances, readings, and related community activities by artists that have met the eligibility criteria for the NEST program.

To learn more about NEST Funding visit:  and contact me to plan a performance in your community!


         There are still copies of the Special Souvenir Limited Edition CD of my Bicentennial song "Here's To Otis (1810-2010)" available.

     A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the song will be proudly donated to the Otis Free Public Library.  

     "Here's To Otis (1810-2010) is available via PayPal and for sale locally in Otis at the Otis Free Public Library, Terranova's Market, and The Otis Poultry Farm.

      Here's hoping we raise a big pile of green for the Otis Free Public Library!